Enhanced Technology iPhone 7 Rfid Digital Device

AsReaders.com is the best company when it comes to the production of rfid readers for iPhone. Rfid readers are imperative when it comes to enabling your iPhone to read UHF or HF RFID tags. The Rfid Reader uses the Lightning Connector when it comes to operating. AsReader is compatible with the iPhone 7 devices but also future iOS devices because of the modular docks it has. The type of Rfid Readers that is designed and manufactured by our platform has got very powerful specifications that will allow you to work well with iPhone 7 smartphone; this is because of the latest technology that was used in the design of this rfid reader. The following specifications are what the rfid reader from our platform is designed and equipped with.


  • Its Unique Design that is Slim, Stylish and durable makes it easy for one to carry and handle.
  • It has got a size specifications of 5.59″ x 2.54″ x 0.70″ and a Weight of Approximately 80 grammes thus making it one of the incredible devices to handle
    AsReader is designed with buttons on each side for use by both the left-handed and the right-handed.
  • The inbuilt wireless charging system allows you to place on the charging stand for immediate charging through a magnetic connector.
  • It has got various charging options which include; Attaching a spare battery to the rfid reader for wireless, magnetic charging without the charging stand. You can also simultaneously operate and charge your rfid reader and a spare battery or Place a spare battery between the rfid reader and charge the battery and the device simultaneously.

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