Special Handheld rfid Reader

The tremendous rise in the technological development has seen a high number of devices being introduced into our platform. At AsReader.com we are known for providing you with the high-quality rfid that will enable your phone to read the rfid tags. The common rfid reader that you can get from our online platform is the ASX-301R. This is one of our best rfid readers that is powerful due to the specs and features that it has. The ASX-310R is compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone SE. It’s also compatible with the iPod series such as the iPod touch 5 and iPod 6 gen


This is one of the latest rfid readers that you can get from our online platform that is regarded as the most powerful rfid readers for your mobile phone due to the 920 MHZ UHF Band that is equipped with this rfid reader. Its also equipped with the circularly polarised Antenna that makes it one of the best rfid readers that you can ever consider for your iPhone. Its high battery capacity allows it to operate for 7 hours or more and it’s normally charged with a Magconn cable.

When connected to a device it usually has a non-Blinking Blue LED, when reading the rfid tags it usually has a blinking Blue LED Light. Also when charging it has a non-blinking RED LED Light, and after it has become fully charged it will have a faint RED LED Light.


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